The following is a list of guidelines used by Hemisphere Freight when Importing and Exporting goods from Canada and the U.S.A.


  1. Always indicate that “Hemisphere Freight & Brokerage”, is your broker, and to forward all documentation for clearance to them (please include phone & fax numbers). This will avoid any unnecessary delays.

  2. Show the correct values, currency of sale, description, and countries of origin. This will prevent incorrect duties from being charged to you.

  3. Have all documentation available, and legible. Copies should be in your possession, as well as the transportation company, and your Hemisphere representative.

  4. When your goods originate in Canada, U.S.A. or Mexico, have a valid NAFTA certificate of origin completed, and on file.

  5. In the fields listing importer, and exporter names, make sure the tax number field is complete. (i.e. G.S.T. number for Canadian companies, I.R.S. number for U.S.)\
  6. When shipping by ground transportation, using a carrier who is “PARS” capable (Pre-Arrival Release System) for shipments to Canada, or “PAPS” (Pre-Arrival Processing System) for shipments to the U.S.

  7. As a Canadian importer, you are required to keep records of your imports, whether hard copy, or electronically for a period of six years. This will save you any hassles, should Customs decide to audit your company.

  8. If you are requesting quotes on air-freight, please ensure that you state the quantity of your shipment, as well as weights, and dimensions. Also, you should know the exact address of pick up and delivery.

  9. Import or export licenses may be required on certain shipments of alcohol, firearms, textiles, tobacco etc. Please contact us with specific enquiries.

  10. Any shipments of foodstuffs, cosmetics, as well as electronics goods require FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approval when being shipped to the U.S.